Biography and Contact

Matthew Lane is originally from Kingston, Ontario, and grew up playing numerous instruments and singing in choirs since a young age. He studied organ and composition at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, completed his masters in composition at Université de Montréal, under the tutelage of François-Hugues Leclair and Robert Normandeau. He is currently completing his doctoral studies at Université de Montréal under Pierre Michaud and Alan Belkin.


His compositions include both instrumental works and mixed instrumental-electronics works, and he often draws inspiration from Québecois poetry and Swedish folk music. Much of his work in Computer Assisted Composition involves the application of processes to this existing material, with the goal of creating CAC tools to further bridge the gap between programming and intuitive composition. His works have been played across eastern and central Canada, in the United States, and in Sweden.

Matthew Lane is the director of music at St. Barnabas Anglican Church. In this capacity, he writes liturgical music and new hymn harmonizations, directs the choir, and accompanies them on organ and piano. He also directs Montreal’s Swedish vocal ensemble, and teaches both privately and institutionally. He currently resides in Dorval, Quebec with his wife and two children.

For any inquiries, please contact him below, or by calling (514) 627-1646.